Summer results for Teen Jobs
Press ReleaseMarch 1, 2020

Summer results for Teen Jobs

Teen Jobs is New Zealand's leading job site for teenagers to find work. We have had an amazing summer with lots of job placement! Here are some of our summer statistics:

Over the summer months, we had an incredible 20,000 candidate searches by employers, of which 400 resulted in job offers for teenagers.

We also gained 2,000 new teenager candidates to our website and now have an over 6,500 teenager job seekers from across New Zealand using Teen Jobs.

Our most popular work category was retail work and but the jobs spanned a large range of opportunities with everything from babysitting, digging trenches, moving furniture, walking dogs, warehouse product packaging, moving firewood and wallpaper stripping.

Teen Jobs founder, Josh Callander says, "We are really pleased with the growth and it has exceeded our expectations! Over the past year we have gone from 500 teenagers to 6,500 and from 20 job offers per month to over 400. Teen Jobs has fast become New Zealand's first choice for connecting teenager job seekers and employers. Teen Jobs is completely free to use with the goal of reducing long term youth unemployment and giving teenagers the opportunity to gain work skills and experience.

But there is still lots to get done. Teenagers are overrepresented in the unemployment statistics and we need the continued support of the community to engage with and employ young people. Even though we have helped 400 teenagers gain employment opportunity our database has over 6,500 keen teenagers looking for an opportunity."

This summer was amazing and we look forward to continuing to help the youth of New Zealand in the future!

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