About Teen Jobs:
Teen Jobs is a free, easy to use website that connects employers and households looking for employees/ helpers to teenagers looking for employment. We flip the traditional recruitment method to teenagers selecting what, when and where they want to work, then employers and households simply search teenagers profiles and select a fit with their job.

Our Mission:
Our mission is to provide the simplest way for employers to find employees, households to find helpers and teenagers to find jobs. We provide teenagers with life skills, including experience, work ethics, responsibility and establish good work habits in New Zealand's youth!

Teen Jobs Founder

Our Story:
Hi, I'm Josh Callander and I am the founder of Teen Jobs. My journey began when I was looking for part-time work, I discovered that there was no easy way to find the jobs that were out there for young people. Established job websites were for older people and there was nothing for school students looking for work. While pondering this situation, the Young Innovator Awards came up. I decided that a website would be a good idea for the competition. This is when the Teen Jobs idea was born!

After further research on this issue, I discovered that the youth unemployment rates in New Zealand are very high, with 11.2% of 15 – 19-year-olds unemployed, which alone costs the New Zealand taxpayers $345 million each year! I felt that young people had a lot to offer and they just needed an easier way to connect to employers.

I entered the Young Innovator Awards, in Tauranga for my website idea, Teen Jobs and was fortunate enough to come in 3rd place in the junior category. My idea was innovative because it flips the traditional job finding experience over, the teenagers register themselves for the employers to browse which provides a more practical, inexpensive and less time-consuming method.

After my success at YiA, I was encouraged to develop the idea, as it would make a real difference to teenagers and the way they find work. This website can help teenagers find employment and gain valuable employment-related skills.

Personally, this year I am studying business studies, computer science and accounting as my optional subjects at Mount Maunganui College and would like to pursue these areas in the future.

Our Team:

Josh Callander - Founder & Teenager Liaison
Josh Callander Founder & Teenager Liaison
Chris Callander - Employer Liaison
Chris Callander Employer Liaison
Matthew Adlam - Technical Support
Matthew Adlam Technical Support