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What is Teen Jobs? – Teen Jobs is an easy to use platform that finds you work. Simply sign up and create a CV like profile with the job categories that interest you, where you are available to work in and on what days. We then show your profile to employers who can contact you.

Is Teen Jobs free to use? – Yes, Teen Jobs is completely free. We are here to assist you to find work.

How does Teen Jobs keep teenagers safe? – We take safety very seriously and aim to provide as safe a platform as possible, while still allowing enough information to enable teenagers to get jobs. We currently have these features in place:
- Teenagers under 16 must confirm they have their parents permission and are being overseen by their parents before they can sign up.
- There are no personal details displayed on the website. (phone number, email address, last name and addresses)
- There is no feedback features or way to comment on teenagers profiles so teenagers cannot be 'trolled'.
- Contact can only be made through the website - we keep a copy of all contact details.
- We require a workplace address and job seekers are told to only meet there.
- Job seekers can enter as much or as little information as they feel comfortable with.
- Employers are required to sign up in order to contact job seekers.
- We have features to report users.
- Job seekers are blocked from some job categories based on age - for example, under 14-year-olds cannot babysit.
- There are numerous cybersafety messages encourage safe job searching, including recommending to involve a parent or caregiver.

How do I sign up? - To sign up to Teen Jobs click here.

How do I access my account? - To sign in to your Teen Jobs account click here.

How much will I be paid? - Pay rates should reflect your applicable work experience. Pay can either be hourly, or a set amount to do a task, which is an independent contractor. Read more.

The current minimum wage is $21.20 per hour for teenagers who are 16 years or older. If a teenager is younger than 16, then there is no minimum wage. More on minimum wages can be found here.

It is up to you to negotiate an appropriate pay rate/ contract amount with the employer, as the pay is a private agreement. This advice is intended as a general guide and if in doubt, it is up to you to ensure that the employment situation is correct.

Do I have to pay tax? - Any permanent employment position will involve the employer being responsible for deducting and paying taxes and ACC. If you are an independent contractor, you are responsible for their own tax and ACC. Any teenager earning under $2,340 a year ($45 a week on average), is tax exempt and does not require you to make tax payments. Amounts above this threshold will require you to fill out an annual tax return. Read more here.

Do I need a contract? - For regular employment positions, an individual employment contract will need to be signed by both parties. For one-off jobs, an independent contractor would be the typical employment category. For contractors, no employment contract is needed but the pay rates and conditions should be written on a contract for service prior to the job commencing. See a contract example here.

How do I disable my account from being shown to employers? - To stop Teen Jobs from showing your profile to employers, click the 'Hidden' option in your account.

I forgot my password! - No problem, just set a new one here.

How do I delete my account! - You can close your account under your account settings.

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