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What is Teen Jobs? – Teen Jobs is an easy to use platform that quickly connects employers to job seekers. Simply search with your job category, location and days, and view CV like profiles. You can then contact job seekers. We list profiles, not jobs, reducing the time spent listing jobs, and waiting for applicants to apply.

How much should I pay the job seeker? - Pay can either be hourly, or a set amount to do a task, which is an independent contractor. Read more.

The current minimum wage is $21.20 per hour for teenagers who are 16 years or older. If a teenager is younger than 16, then there is no minimum wage. More on minimum wages can be found here.

It is up to you to negotiate an appropriate pay rate/ contract amount, as the pay is a private agreement. This advice is intended as a general guide and if in doubt, it is up to you to ensure that the employment situation is correct.

Do I need a contract? - For regular employment positions, an individual employment contract will need to be signed by both parties. For one-off jobs, an independent contractor would be the typical employment category. For contractors, no employment contract is needed but the pay rates and conditions should be written on a contract for service prior to the job commencing. See a contract example here.

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