How to Create a Great Profile
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How to Create a Great Profile

Profile picture
Most employers will evaluate your profile picture before reading your summary, so it is critical you make a good first impression. Upload a headshot style photo of yourself. Consider the image quality, lighting, background and remember to smile!

Job seekers with profile pictures will rank higher in our search results and we have found generally have a higher success rate with employers.

Profile Picture Guide Profile content
When writing content for your Teen Jobs profile, it is important to be clear and professional. Here are some tips on how to create an effective profile:

  • Make sure you are clear, concise, and professional while still showing your personality.
  • Use specific and unique skills that convey why you are the best candidate for their role
  • Avoid including any generic information
  • Enter all your information as employers will often choose the profile with more detail.
  • Sell your strengths to get employers to want to read more.
  • Use powerful verbs such as achieved, maximized, led, explored, awarded and surpassed.
  • Do not use words or statements that are false or misleading.
  • Do not use slang or text language.
  • Do not copy other profiles, your goal is to make you stand out among others.

Marketing your profile
Once your profile is perfect, share it with your local community. Use websites such as Neighbourly and your local Facebook community groups.

Share this link to your profile:

Other helpful tips
Follow Teen Jobs on Instagram and Facebook to stay up to date with updates and receive more tips.

Respond to employers promptly and professionally, even if you are not interested in the position. Make sure to frequently check your email inbox, as Teen Jobs will notify you if an employer sends you a message.

Sign in to Teen Jobs and update your profile regularly to ensure that all information is up to date. If the information is out of date, it can give a bad impression. Try to avoid using any age references, as this can quickly become out of date.

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