How to Create a Great Profile

How to Create a Great Profile

Employers will often go with the better looking and more complete profile, so be sure yours stands out from the crowd! Check out our tips on how to create a successful Teen Jobs profile:

1. Profile Picture
95% of employers will evaluate the photo before starting reading your profile, so it is critical you make a good first impression. Teenagers with a profile picture will rank higher in our search results, so upload a nice headshot style photo of yourself. Consider the image quality, background, lighting and remember to smile! You only have one photo so make it count!

2. About Me & Hobbies/ Interests
Employers will see your about me description next, which is required to appear in our search results. Summarize who you are and what you can offer. This is your chance to sell your strengths and get employers to want to read more. Here are some tips when writing anything for your profile:

  • Make sure it is clear, concise, and professional while still showing your personality.
  • Make sure the spelling, punctuation and grammar is correct. Our profile optimizer can check your work and make your profile more professional.
  • Use powerful verbs such as achieved, maximized, led, explored, awarded and surpassed.
  • Don't use words or statements that are false or misleading.
  • Don't use slang or text language.
  • Don't copy other profiles, your goal is to make you stand out among others.

3. Hourly Pay Range
The pay range feature gives employers an idea of how much you expect to be paid. It allows employers to evaluate if your expectations meet their pay scale. Here are some tips when setting your hourly pay range:

  • Try to give a realistic value as this helps to guide employers.
  • Keep in mind the starting-out minimum wage and the adult minimum wage when setting your expectations. Read more on minimum wages
  • If you are doing a one-off, contracting job (where there is a set price regardless of the number of hours your work) then there is no minimum wage rate.

4. Optimize Your Profile
Now that you have completed your profile, we recommended optimizing your profile. This is where Teen Jobs will do a 27 point check and fix and make recommendations on any errors that you missed and how to further improve your profile. It is always important to get a fresh pair of eyes to check your complete profile and help make it stand out.

5. Marketing Your Profile
Now that your profile is perfect, to help increase the chances of getting a job, share it with your family and community. We recommend sharing your profile through your local Facebook community groups or on websites like Neighbourly. Copy and paste this link and start share your profile!

6. Follow Teen Jobs On Social Media
We are regularly improving Teen Jobs and bringing out new features, which will be posted on our Instagram and Facebook pages. Make sure you follow us on social media to keep your account up to date.

Other Helpful Tips

  • Make sure you fill out everything on your profile as employers will be likely to choose the profile with more information.
  • Quickly respond to employers job offers, even if not interested. Make sure you frequently check your emails as Teen Jobs will send you an email every time an employer contacts you.
  • We recommended updating your profile regularly to ensure that all information is up to date. Employers check your profile and if the information is wrong, it can give a bad impression.